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Bright clothing can perk up your mood

Kidsday reporters Leah Bolitho, left, Grace Araoz, and

Kidsday reporters Leah Bolitho, left, Grace Araoz, and Liz Madden, of Bayville Intermediate School, show off their brightly colored clothes. Credit: Christine Arthur

Bright-colored shoes, socks, pants and shirts are fun to wear, and wearing them can also save your life.

If you are wearing dark clothes during the day or night you may increase your chance of getting hit by a car. If you are wearing bright or lighter clothes, the chance decreases. Be safe! Wear bright clothes to keep you safe.

Blue, yellow and purple are some of the really bright colors to wear. These colors can show off your personality in your own way. You can wear a crazy outfit or a more calm one, where the bright color gives your outfit a pop. These brightly colored outfits can show others how you are feeling.

Bright colors can make your eyes or skin show up. If you are a kid who is shy, wear some bright colors to show off you. Bright-colored clothes are a way to make you feel good about yourself. If you think a color will not look good on you, and you really like the color, I say try it. It won’t hurt. Try something new.

Bright colors not only keep you safe but are also fun to wear, and they can also match the season — winter, fall, summer, and at this time of year, spring. You might wear a bright flower dress or a blue shirt. You could wear shiny shoes or bright-colored sandals. You can wear what you think is right for the season.

So, wear bright clothes. They will keep you safe, show off the season’s trends and make you feel good too.

Christine Arthur’s fifth-grade class, Bayville Intermediate School

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