Good Morning
Good Morning

Clowning around with grandpa

Did you ever want to know about clowning? Clowning is when you put on a clown costume, and you act out skits and you make people laugh.

I started clowning with my grandpa about three years ago.

He was on his way to a charity event, and he brought me along. He said he could always use another helper, so I gave it a try.

I was very nervous at first, but then when I got the feel of it, I loved it. The best part of clowning is seeing people laughing and having fun.

At the end of the night, we put on a finale where we used yarn and bouncy balls, and we pretended to try to eat the balls but they bounced around.

My grandpa and I have clown names. He is Handsome Ransome, and I am Mini Mi.

We perform at churches, and once we even went to Connecticut to perform for nuns. We rehearse at my house, so we will know our skits for the shows. We both have so much fun together. We will always do it. It is my favorite hobby.

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