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Good Morning

Having a twin is just the best

Twin sisters Jessica Susa and Lauren Susa from

Twin sisters Jessica Susa and Lauren Susa from New Hyde Park. Credit: Susa family

We are twins! Being twins is awesome.

One great thing about being twins is we always have someone to talk and play with. We laugh a lot together. We are very lucky because as a twin, you always have someone by your side. One bad thing is that we get separated every year in school because we are not allowed to be in the same class. Sometimes people get us mixed up, but that can be fun. When we were little, our mom dressed us the same, but now we don’t dress alike because we have different styles. 

Another thing that makes us special is we both have a hearing disability. Jessica wrote about this: "Having a disability should not stop you from doing anything that your heart desires. I have a disability, and that does stop me from doing gymnastics. I am 9 years old and I was born deaf. I have a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant helps me hear. I am on a Progressive Gymnastics team that's part of the United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs. I have won many medals from competing all over the United States, even in Bermuda. I work hard, listen hard and always do my best. If you have disability, don’t be embarrassed because you are you. Be proud of who you are." 

Nancy Feinstein’s Girls on the Run Club, Williston Park

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