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For LI kids, computer coding is becoming important to learn

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

Since the late ’90s and early 2000s, computers have gotten to a point where people other than enthusiasts and the nerds know how to use them. Whether it be Chromebooks or MacBook Airs, schools have pushed for kids to learn how to use computers proficiently.

A big part of computers is coding. Coding is already a part of your life and you may not be aware of it. For example, when you got your iPhone, you automatically knew how to download Snapchat from the App Store. You already knew how to use it due to the simplicity of today’s computers. Learning more about coding is a great skill to have.

Coding is something that is easy to learn with an open mind. Take the basic programming language Scratch, for example. It was built for first-time coders with its easy interface and its signature block coding. Most schools on Long Island have started to teach kids how to code. The best part about this is that the school and a coding learning platform like KidOYO ( have articles about the language if you get confused, and they have challenges that make you think hard on how to complete them.

Coding has been something that shaped today’s society. From video games to Teslas, coding is essential to today’s society. Coding is going to be necessary for the future of jobs, and it is useful if you want to make a program for yourself if you can’t buy it or find it online. Knowing how to code, as weird as it sounds, is the equivalent of knowing how to tie your shoes. We are heading to a future where robots are only getting better, and you may as well learn what makes them tick.

Elisa Brosnan and Marybeth Clark’s writing and art club, West Hollow Middle School, Melville

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