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Coins and cards of kindness

Photo Credit: Kidsday illustration / Haydyn Proscia

This year we had a guest speaker, Richard Specht, come to our school to talk to us about his book, “A Little Rees Specht Cultivates Kindness.” He wrote the book in memory of his son Rees, who sadly died when he was 22 months old. Even though he felt badly about losing his son, he wanted to do something that would be good for other people, so he wrote a book about doing kind things for one another. In the book, Rees planted a seed by doing something nice for someone and he didn’t even realize what he had done. Each person in the book kept passing along the kindness and the seed kept growing. Finally at the end, the seed blooms!

And the seeds of kindness really do exist. Mr. Specht made up special cards that people can give away when they do something kind for someone else. They are called “Seeds of Kindness” cards.

At Sunrise Drive, we have our own kindness coins, which are like the seeds of kindness cards. If you see someone doing something nice, you give that person a kindness coin and tell them to pass it on to someone they see being kind. It doesn’t have to be someone you know, just someone you see doing something nice. You aren’t supposed to keep your coins but give them away to other people.

We think kindness coins are great because they make people nicer. We hope kindness coins and the seeds of kindness cards can change the world to make it a better place.

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