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Good Morning

Coleman Country Day Camp is a tradition for me

Every summer I attend Coleman Country Day Camp in Freeport. I have been attending Coleman since I was 4. The camp has a Wild West theme. Each camper is put into a group based on age and gender, except for kids 5 years old and younger -- they're all in the same group togther.

In every group there is a counselor in training, an assistant counselor, and a head counselor. Every activity is supervised either by the counselors assigned to the participating group or the counselors assigned to the activity. The campground is huge. It has a pond for canoeing and paddle boats. There is also archery, a zipline, and even a horse stable where campers can ride the horses.

Coleman also has a pool. There are two slides -- a swirly one and a slide that drops you off a few feet above the water. Every camper has two times to swim a day. One swim session focuses on learning different swimming strokes and the other session is used as a fun time with friends. Coleman has two turf fields -- one for soccer and one for baseball and kickball. But every camper's dream is to be on the Wall of Fame. To be on the Wall of Fame, you must win the gaga tournament. Campers, counselors and even parents can be on the wall.

Every day at noon, club time happens. Campers choose an activity to participate in, such as Broadway production, gymnastics, soccer, cooking club and many more. This year will be my 10th summer with Coleman. Without Coleman, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

55 Babylon Tpke., Freeport; 516-620-4300; website:

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