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Antiquing is a great hobby

Kidsday reporter Grady Davis with his typewriter and

Kidsday reporter Grady Davis with his typewriter and quill pen. Credit: Davis family

Antiquing is the best hobby because you can find many interesting things like clocks, plates, silverware and more. I go about every other weekend with either my mom, dad or grandmother. When I find a place by searching online, I ask them to take me so I can find some great stuff.

My favorite antique I got was a typewriter. It is a Royal, which was considered the best brand in the world. When I got the typewriter, it still had ribbon in it, which was a good thing because if it didn’t have ribbon in it, I wouldn’t be able to type.

The No. 2 favorite antique are clocks. I have 15 wall clocks and five pocket watches. They are decorating the wall in my room except for my grandfather clock, which stands on its own. These antique clocks are really old and were made in the 1920s to the 1950s.

I also have about 10 vases that are just beautiful, and looking at them can help keep me calm.

I will live happily ever after with antiques because I love them and they make my room one special place to visit. I have to do chores to make sure I have enough money to get these great items, but sometimes my parents and grandmother give them as gifts to me.

Ursula Gavan and Gina Romano’s fourth-grade class, Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Sayville

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