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Forgotten toys full of memories

Kidsday reporter Emma Suarez with just a few

Kidsday reporter Emma Suarez with just a few of her dad's "forgotten toys" collection. Credit: Edgar Suarez

Do you remember your parents talking about going to the store so they could get the newest Cabbage Patch Kid or the Nintendo Entertainment System? Or, more recently did you want the newest LOL Doll, or the Nintendo Switch? 

Back in the ’80s, toy stores used to sport the old Gameboys and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as He-Man toys on their shelves. Now we see Hatchimals and Nerfblasters.

My father proudly displays his ’80s classic toys — Transformers, G.I. Joe, Thunder Cats, He-Man, the very famous "Back to the Future" car, and an Atari. At first glance, I did not realize how valuable these were to my father. When reflecting back to the days when I had my Monster High dolls or the Disney princesses, I decided to research these action figures and cars that my father cherishes so much. I discovered many of these did not exist anymore, and many of the action figures that my dad owns are collectibles. We recently added Marvel action figures and Star Trek spaceships to our display cases, as well as the original Ghostbusters car and the Matrix car. 

For the short time I have been collecting ’80s toys, I have learned so much about his experiences when he played with them. If only the action figures could talk! I think we should never forget all the toys we all once owned because they are the memories that we will continue to make, especially with future generations.

Clara Villani’s newspaper club, Brother Joseph C. Fox Latin School, Kellenberg, Uniondale

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