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Collecting business cards is easy — and free

Kidsday reporter Aaron Salit likes to collect business

Kidsday reporter Aaron Salit likes to collect business cards of all kinds. Credit: Eric Sutz

Do you have anything special that you like to collect? I like to collect business cards.

One reason is that it is kind of fun to have a collection of some sort. Also, business cards are free, so you don’t have to spend all of your money trying to buy them, like you have to do with baseball cards, Pokémon cards, etc. Plus, business cards are at almost every place you go, so you don’t have to bug your parents to take you to a certain store that sells only them.

Business cards are also very handy. Let’s say you forgot the phone number of your favorite restaurant, and you wanted to order in: You could check your collection of business cards and if you have the card for that restaurant, it is most likely going to have their phone number on it, which means dinner isn’t ruined after all. Plus, your parents might be proud of you for saving dinner.

Business cards are kind of like souvenirs. You can collect them anywhere, even on vacation. So years from now, you can look at your collection and wish you could go again. That is how they bring back memories.

The last reason is that you can pass the business cards on for generations, so then, like on the third generation, someone would have business cards from about a hundred years earlier, which would be really neat.

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