Good Morning
Good Morning

Collecting can tabs to raise money for cancer research

My school is collecting can tabs. We are doing it so we can get a big check from the recycling center and then we pass that along to Stony Brook University Hospital for cancer research. I think it's a nice thing to do because it's for a good cause.

So how do we do it? First off, we collect can tabs from tin cans. Next, we weigh them. Once my school brought in 400 pounds of can tabs. That means we raised about $2,000. So, after we weigh them, we put them into the machines that exchange tin and metals into money. This year we are on pace to raise close to $3,000!

I get my can tabs from the food containers for my cat and dog. So, please take some time and donate even a couple of can tabs. Remember, we all can make a big difference.

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