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Collecting glass animals on vacation keeps memories alive

Joey Hayward, 11, of Bethpage, with his glass

Joey Hayward, 11, of Bethpage, with his glass animal collection. Credit: Hayward family

Every year since I was born, I visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for summer vacation. It’s a lot of fun, but my favorite parts include going to places like Cracker Barrel, Strasburg Rail Road and Good ’N Plenty Restaurant, and buying little glass animals.

I have a huge collection of them on my shelf, from tiny ducks to huge dinosaurs. I go away with my whole family, but it’s just me, my grandma and my cousin who spend time looking around for new glass animals. We each get a few new ones every year, and now our collections are big.

I love collecting glass animals because they each have a special memory for me of visiting my favorite place, and they all have awesome colors. It’s so much fun going to Lancaster every year.

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