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Collecting pocket watches is a fascinating hobby

Kidsday reporter Wickes Minton holding one of his

Kidsday reporter Wickes Minton holding one of his pocket watches. Credit: Minton family

Do you have a collection? One unusual collection that interested me is pocket watches. I came across this collection when I saw a painting from the 1800s. The painting was of a German man. This painting interested me and I did some research. I learned this man made himself rich. He moved to America with his family and they were very poor. The man needed to work and one of his first jobs was selling pocket watches.

I became more and more interested in the accessory. I found out that many people from the 18th century carried pocket watches. They wore these watches as a symbol of pride and to show wealth. Besides this, they were useful to tell time.

If you ever want to feel fancy and tell time all at once, a pocket watch is for you. Though they were first manufactured in the 1500s, they are very nice and practical in this modern day. Modern day pocket watches have amazingly interesting designs to them. You can find ones with animals, places, symbols and other types of things. They can say a lot about your interests and personality. So far I have nine in my collection. Some I bought and some were given as gifts.


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