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My shoe collection keeps growing along with me

Kidsday reporter Noah Philip with his shoe collection.

Kidsday reporter Noah Philip with his shoe collection. Credit: Philip family

I have gotten so many pairs of shoes. I can’t seem to throw most of them out.

Some of the shoes I have had since I was 5. My friend has a collection of Jordan sneakers, but mine aren’t just sneakers, they are sandals, sneakers, dress shoes and work shoes.

But that wasn’t enough. I decided I wanted my dad’s old shoes as well, and that made my collection even more amazing. Sometimes my dad buys shoes and he never wears them, so they will be mine to wear when I get bigger. I think my dad likes to collect shoes just like I do.

Anybody can collect anything, and I really like collecting shoes, so if you really like something, start collecting!

Colleen Topping’s sixth-grade class, Manor Oaks Elementary School, New Hyde Park

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