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Her pin collection is growing

Kidsday reporter Gabriella LaSpisa shows her pin collection.

Kidsday reporter Gabriella LaSpisa shows her pin collection. Credit: LaSpisa family

Lots of kids collect different things, like rocks, seashells and cards. But I collect pins. When I travel or go somewhere I want to remember, we buy a pin. You can find pins in the gift shop.

The first place I ever got a pin was Disney World. My family and I were coming back from Magic Kingdom on our way to our hotel. I saw my brother, Joseph, wearing a necklace with a few pins on it. I asked my parents what it was, and before my parents could respond, my brother called out, saying, “It’s my pin collection.”

I asked my parents if I could start my own pin collection, and they said yes. I got a Tsum Tsum necklace with a Snow White pin and Cinderella pin.

Ever since that day, we have collected pins wherever we go. Collecting things is so much fun, and I think everyone should try to collect something.

Maggie Rago’s fifth-grade class, McKenna Elementary School, Massapequa Park

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