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Too many pig collectibles? Never!

Kidsday reporter Isabella DeCunzo, of Centre Avenue School,

Kidsday reporter Isabella DeCunzo, of Centre Avenue School, East Rockaway, has more than 160 pig items in her collection. Credit: DeCunzo family

I have been collecting pigs since I was a baby.

I got my first pig for my first birthday. Piggy, my stuffed animal pig. He started it all. I had to have him to fall asleep, he always was shared in show and tell, and if he was missing the world would stop moving until I got that pig back.

Pigs then became my favorite animal and I started to collect. I have 162 items that are a pig or have a pig on it. Almost every holiday I get a new one, from stuffed animals to glass figurines. Family and friends just know that a good gift for me is a pig item.

Some items have special meaning to me. For example, I’ve had Piggy since I was a baby. Another example is my pig body pillow/long stuffed animal (I don’t know what to call it). We went to a water park and I got hurt and whenever water touched the wound, it stung. I couldn’t go swimming. Instead I got a funnel cake and watched my sister and friends play. I was really sad, so Mom let me play the duck pick game. I picked the black diamond duck and got a large prize, so I picked the pig body pillow/long stuffed animal.

One last example is Sir Oinksalot. On my eighth birthday, I was in the hospital. As a gift my parents got me a stuffed pig that I named Sir Oinksalot. He helped me feel better until my dad went home to get Piggy.

Not only do pigs have special meanings to me, I basically am a pig. I was born in the year of the golden pig, I’m very intelligent, fairly speedy, love getting dirty and love mud. I also can’t be too hot and use aloe (my mud) to keep cool. Pigs are fast, intelligent and delicious. I love pigs for all aspects, their cuteness, intelligence and deliciousness.

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