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LI kid shares collection of shot glasses

Kidsday reporter Anthony Fritz and his dad, Carl,

Kidsday reporter Anthony Fritz and his dad, Carl, with their shot glass collection Credit: Fritz family

I was interested in collecting something, but I didn’t want it to be something a lot of kids have collected. I wanted to do something unique.

My dad suggested I collect shot glasses, since he had a lot to get me started. He collected them when he was a kid, so I am continuing his collection. I have been collecting for a year now. We don’t use them for alcohol. We collect them for fun and to have as souvenirs.

Most of the glasses are from places we go or things we do. For example, we have shot glasses from Virginia, Florida, Puerto Rico, Cape Cod, Boston, Indiana, the West Indies and Maryland. So far we have collected around 40. I have two cases for them.

All of the glasses are different varieties. Some of them are taller than most shot glasses, some are shorter, some can be different shapes, or have different looks. For example, my aquarium shot glass is as tall as two normal shot glasses. I also have shot glasses that look like a bullet and a skull.

I plan to continue collecting them with my dad!

Linda Vaianella’s fifth-grade class, Boyle Road Elementary School, Port Jefferson Station

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