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Coloring what things taste like

Does food coloring change the way we think things taste? We did some research with a class of third graders to find out.

We gave each third grader the same exact lemonade that had either red, green or blue food dye added to it. We told them to try each.

We then asked, "What did the green taste like?" The majority of kids said it tasted like limeade. Then we asked what the blue tasted like. Most kids said, lemonade. Then we tested red, and they said pink lemonade. We think they said that because the red dye actually came out pink.

The food dye tricked them. They used their sense of smell to sniff the lemonade, but their brains were confused because of the different colors. They were fooled into thinking they were tasting something else.

We did find out that five kids from the class of about 20 kids said they all tasted the same. The rest of the class was very surprised when we told them the truth about the flavor and color.


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