Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Come down to Kings Park Day

Today is Kings Park Day!

It occurs every year for the people in Kings Park and its neighboring towns. The police in the town block off all the roads so people can walk around on them without cars getting in the way.

They have activities for the kids including carnival games, bounce houses, and arts and crafts. They also take out one of the fire trucks and use it as a giant sprinkler for all kids to play in. They also open up the fire house and let the kids look around and play on the old and new fire trucks and ambulances.

They also have booths that line the streets that have clothes and food. You can walk down the streets with your friends and see dancers who dance in the street advertising their dance studios. All the booths advertise the buildings around Kings Park by handing out papers or showing off students by having them perform.

Kings Park Day is a great way to enjoy the town and walk around with your friends. Get over there today! It is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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