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Comic Club draws on students' creativity

Kidsday reporters Dylan Herman, left, and Riley Wood

Kidsday reporters Dylan Herman, left, and Riley Wood and their comic artwork. Credit: Bonnie Hersch

The Comic Club in Wantagh Middle School lets students express their creativity and art styles. Comics are so popular all around the country.

We interviewed Ms. Athanasia Karaiskos and Mr. Peter Manolakos, the two teacher advisers for this club. They explained to us that they like to allow every student to express his or her creative side by creating original comics at each club meeting. The club is mostly student driven, but it was also inspired by the rise of popularity in movies based on comic books. Both advisers are fans of Wonder Woman, the X-Men and Iron Man. Mr. Manolakos says picking between Marvel and DC is like trying to choose a favorite child! Ms. Karaiskos prefers Marvel a bit more than DC. They both drew original comics when they were kids.

They have talked about Stan Lee, the famous comic book creator, in the club. They say they were so sad when he died because he was like the father of comics. He inspired so many kids and other comic creators. The Wantagh Middle School Comic Club is so much fun!

Valentina Gatti and Bonnie Hersch’s sixth-grade class, Wantagh Middle School

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