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Good Evening

Common Core brings changes to classroom

The Common Core has changed our school in the past year. It has changed our daily school experience. Our classroom has changed in the following ways:

We now have a flipped classroom (which means you learn at home and work at school). We get very little homework.

We are not always sitting in our desks. We move around a lot. For example, we participate in many group projects and classroom projects where each one of us has a particular job or function.

We learn from the textbooks, but we act out math problems and science labs in our classroom.

We put our math and writing skills to work through our classroom company. Our class is raising money, using coupons and donations to buy food for the food pantry. We are writing fliers asking people to help. We have to count money, and learn how to make our dollars go as far as they can so we can help more people.

Another thing our class participated in was an overnight trip for three days to Nature's Classroom. We learned about nature, how to live together as a class of friends. We learned how to share chores, pray and eat together.

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