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Competitive coaches can ruin the game for players

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

Why do some coaches have to be unfair? I bet some of you have had that experience. Shouldn’t all players just learning the game have an equal amount of playing time? Usually players don’t because coaches get too competitive. Since coaches get too competitive and don’t play everyone, it ruins the game for some kids. I’ve had that experience.

My basketball coach barely played me in my games. During the playoffs, I didn’t even get to play for more than three minutes. I only played when we were playing a weaker team and there weren’t a lot of girls to sub in. But no matter what, in all the games, he always played the better players.

I don’t get why coaches have to be so competitive. It’s wrong to be treating kids unfairly at a young age. You never know, maybe one of the girls will someday be in the WNBA. Doing this discourages kids from trying. The coaches should be playing the girls the same amount of time in a game.

Unfair coaching can ruin a sport that a kid loves. Playing sports at a young age should be about fun and learning, not competition. My basketball team was undefeated but some of us felt defeated.


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