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Good Afternoon

Computer coding and the Hour of Code event

Kidsday reporter Josiah Youmans of Sayville Academic Center.

Kidsday reporter Josiah Youmans of Sayville Academic Center. Credit: Constance Krauss

We all know that computers are the way of the future. Everything we do, from playing video games to using a calculator or a kitchen appliance, involves a computer. This means it also involves computer coding.

Coding is the step-by-step instructions that are written to tell a computer program what to do. The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in more than 180 countries. The websites and have tons of information about computer coding and how to organize your own Hour of Code event. Anyone anywhere can organize his or her own Hour of Code event. Hourlong videos are available in more than 40 languages and you don’t need any experience!

Our school participated in an Hour of Code event. We had to first go to the website and then choose a coding activity to try. We could choose between Minecraft, Frozen, Star Wars, Angry Birds or Flappy Bird.

Omari said, “Star Wars was my favorite because you had to try and get BB-8 to pick up scrap metal. It was pretty fun.”

Professionals use JavaScript to do most of their coding work. We used “blocking,” which is a little easier for beginners. There are a set of blocks that you drag and click together to make your characters perform tasks.

“You really need your brain to figure out the puzzles,” said Anthony.

Overall, our school’s Hour of Code event was a success. Students seemed really excited about trying this out and had a lot of fun. We hope to continue practicing our coding skills, and maybe it will help us in our future career choices.

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