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How I helped a sick friend

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maven Martin, Wheatley Heights

How did I raise $353 for my friend who had cancer? Well, it first started in second grade. I felt really bad for my friend Nicole, who was diagnosed with cancer. It was very hard for me to study because I felt so bad for her.

Later that day, my sister was making a science fair project, and she had an extra board that she gave to me. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but my sister suggested that I have a cookie stand and I could use the board to make a sign.

I started decorating it and putting up other signs for a cookie fundraiser. A lot of people didn’t even want the cookie. They just wanted to help my friend. I did this for two weeks and got $353 for her. I got a card and let everyone who donated sign it. The next day I sent the money in the card. My second-grade teacher was shocked because I hadn’t told her anything about it.

A couple weeks later, I met up with my friend who had cancer, and that day will never be forgotten. I am happy to say that Nicole is doing very well and is no longer sick.

Carol Chisan and Donna Haakonson’s fourth-grade class, William Floyd Elementary School, Shirley

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