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I love to cook food with my grandfather, a French chef

Kidsday reporter Lucas Scourtos, of Udall Road Middle

Kidsday reporter Lucas Scourtos, of Udall Road Middle School, West Islip, enjoys cooking with his grandfather Jean-Yves Piquet. Credit: Scourtos family

It is more than just a meal when I am with my grandpa. It is all about the time we spend together, and one of our favorite things to do is cook.

My grandpa is Jean-Yves Piquet. He was born and raised in France. He moved to the United States in 1967. He was an apprentice when he started to cook and then he began to cook as a chef.

One of my favorite things to do with him is to help him cook. My sister and I love to help him make our favorite dish: îles flottantes, or floating islands. They are made out of egg whites and sugar. They are served in a bowl with crème anglaise, or custard. They float on the custard, getting their name, floating islands.

Because of my grandpa, I eat so many different types of food. There is nothing better than to sit down and talk while having amazing food. 

Jeanette Merola and Janet Renganeschi's sixth-grade class, Udall Road Middle School, West Islip

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