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Here's the scoop on CoolMess ice cream

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Emma Cervone, Southampton

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Emma Cervone, Southampton

Have you ever been to CoolMess in New York City? I have and I'm going to tell you about it. 

When you walk into CoolMess at 137 E. 62 St., in Manhattan, you see a giant hamburger made out of Rice Krispies. When you look to your left, you see a bunch of candy. They even have a party room where you get to play arcade games.

When you get to a table, they ask if you want lunch first. Some say the hamburgers are the best and the salads are the best, too. I recommend the grilled cheese because from my perspective, it tastes great.

After you're done with your lunch, you start to make ice cream creations. They ask you what three toppings you want. It depends how many people you have at one table. They give you the cream to make ice cream.   If you want to put any of your toppings in the ice cream, you can. You have to wait about a few minutes for the ice cream to form.

Finally, when the ice cream gets thick, the kind workers mix it for you and you can scoop out your ice cream and enjoy. They have amazing ice cream that is so fun to make yourself. 

There is now a CoolMess in Roslyn on Northern Boulevard.


Mary Kate LaSpisa’s fifth-grade class, Evergreen Charter School, Hempstead

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