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In Cooperstown, New York, lots of baseball, small-town charm

Kidsday reporter Vivienne Schultz steps up to the

Kidsday reporter Vivienne Schultz steps up to the plate in Cooperstown, New York. Credit: Connie Schultz

Cooperstown in upstate New York is a great place to visit with your family. There are so many things to see.

I went to an area of town that had bakeries and shops. In the shops, there were a lot of baseball things. You can buy baseball caps and jerseys. Grass and trees, farms, horses and cows are found there, too.

Cooperstown is known for baseball because the Baseball Hall of Fame is there. I went there and learned so many things about baseball. I learned about All-Star players and softball players. I did a baseball scavenger hunt. I thought the locker room was cool. In the locker room, I saw all the teams’ jerseys, bats, helmets and mitts. I went to all the rooms. I was so happy I got to see everything.

Before you go, plan your visit by looking at their website:

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