Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

At summer camp, every day is full of fun

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Are you in summer camp? A lot of kids go to summer camp, but I think mine is the best. I go to Cornwell School in West Hempstead.

We do cool activities like theme days (water day, costume day and twins day), color wars (teams battle each other playing different games), kickball and even a talent show.

On the first day, everyone is always excited and pumped. The counselors are always nice. One counselor is especially funny. He always tries to play pranks on other groups. For example, when I had water day, he told his group of kids to use their water guns on us when we were drying off.

We also did lanyards in cool styles like butterfly, staircase, box and other styles that I haven’t learned to do yet.

Three awesome activities that we did were: a talent show, water day and color wars. For the talent show, each grade rehearsed a choreographed dance. Last year, my group combined songs like “Juju on That Beat,” “Lean and Dabb” and “Despacito.” And at the very end of the dance, we made human pyramids. Unfortunately, fifth grade won, but we got second place, which wasn’t bad.

During water day, we ran around the field in our swimsuits while the sprinklers were on, and we got to shoot water guns at other kids. We also did the ice-bucket challenge, where we filled a bucket of icy cold water and dumped it on kids’ heads. The field got so muddy that we made little water holes and pretended it was a hot mud bath, and we sank our toes into the mud and felt it squelch through our toes. It was so much fun.

We also had fun playing color wars. Each group was given a color and all the groups met outside on the field to begin. The first event was a relay race — kids dodged cones and tagged in their teammates. The second event was dodgeball. Groups split into two teams, and each team threw the ball at their opponent trying to get them out. It was intense, but I loved it.

That was the best summer ever. I always look forward to seeing my friends and my counselors. I always hope we’ll have good weather so we can stay outside playing fun games and activities.

Michele Lambraia and Dara Perlow’s fourth-grade class, George Washington Elementary School, West Hempstead

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