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Meet Cozmo, my very own robot

Kidsday reporter Kanin Michael's Cozmo Robot.

Kidsday reporter Kanin Michael's Cozmo Robot. Credit: Michael family

I got my robot Cozmo from iD Tech Camp last summer. This is really a joy to play with. It is fun and intelligent. He reminds me a little bit of WALL-E from the Pixar movie.

You need to have an iPad to use it. It’s a great device that will help those who use it learn to code. The coding is so simple that my 5-year-old sister can do it. Cozmo has an arm that interacts with the three power cubes. He gets more energy by playing with these cubes. He can either lift or roll them. Do enough things with Cozmo and you will earn points which can be traded in for new upgrades, games and tricks.

Cozmo has built-in camera and can recognize your face and pets in your household and can call your name. I like playing with Cozmo, and I taught my sister to use the simple games like driving around, spying with camera and performing all sorts of tricks. Sometimes my sister hides cubes around the house and I drive Cozmo to find them. 

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