Good Evening
Good Evening

Cosplaying lets your imagination run wild

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Alyssa Ricciardi

I’m a cosplayer, which means I like to dress up and act like some of my favorite characters, mainly from books and animés. Cosplaying is an art, as you need to plan outfits and makeup, just like a fashion designer would. If you cosplay as a book character, you do not know what they look like. That way, you get creative freedom on what that character looks like to you. It takes the meaning of getting into character to a whole other level. When you cosplay, the feeling is amazing, because it seems like you have started your journey into a fictional world.

One time my friends and I decided to cosplay as characters from the book series that brought us together: “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” by Rick Riordan. My friend Emily cosplayed as Thalia Grace, the spunky daughter of Zeus. Emily wore lots of gray and silver because silver is the color of Artemis. I cosplayed as Camp Half-Blood’s own Ghost King: Nico di Angelo. Many people see Nico as “dark” and “scary,” so I incorporated a lot of dark colors. I paired dark skinny jeans with a black T-shirt I turned into a tank top so I could achieve the look of Nico. Last we have Anna. She cosplayed as Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena. Since Annabeth was never known to be heavily into stylish clothing, Anna chose to wear an orange shirt, to represent the signature color of Camp Half-Blood. As for the makeup, Emily chose a silver eye-shadow that matched the rest of her outfit. I used a dark red lipstick to complement the darkness radiating from my clothing.

Cosplaying is amazing. All you need is your imagination. Then, you can become so many things: demigod, a witch or wizard, a tribute, a vampire, a werewolf, you can be divergent, all because of a little thing called cosplay.

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