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Country Fair Park is fun for whole family

Where is an amazing place to go in your free time? If you were thinking the Country Fair Entertainment Park, you are correct. The Country Fair is an exciting place for all ages. It has go-karts, batting cages, an arcade, laser tag, mini golf and, for the adults, a driving range. If you get hungry, there is a food court and picnic area with slides. The go-karts are fun because you get to race your friends and family and see who's faster. The batting cages are fun because you can improve your skills at baseball. The arcade is fun because you can play the classic games and win tickets to buy prizes. Laser tag is fun because you can battle your friends and family. Mini golf is fun because you can compete with your family and friends to see who can get the least strokes. The driving range is fun for the adults because they can do it by themselves or with family and friends to see how far they can hit golf balls. I recommend you try this place. The address is 3351 Rte. 112, Medford. If you have any questions, call 631-732-0579 or visit

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