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Cow and human share adventure in 'Lost in Bermooda'

I read the book "Lost in Bermooda" by Mike Litwin (Albert Whitman & Co.) and it is a really good book. I think it is called "Bermooda" because cows say, "Moo." This book is about how there are cows that walk and talk all over Bermooda. In Bermooda, the sun is perfectly bright and is so warm. Then a human comes ashore and a lot of things change.

One day Chuck Porter, one of the cows, sneaks into the haunted boatyard to explore an ancient shipwreck. He comes face-to-face with a human!

The human is named Dakota. Chuck thought Dakota would look more scary because he had read a lot of books about humans. Chuck wants to help Dakota get back home, to the place he really wants to be. But Dakota doesn't know where home is, so they go through a lot of trouble.

I think this book is best for kids 9 and younger. I enjoyed the pictures in this book, also the writing and the names of each chapter. If you read this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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