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CPR: It's critically important

Have you ever wondered what to do in an emergency? What if your friend was choking at lunch -- what would you do?

We were lucky enough to meet up with David Woolfe, who taught us what to do if this ever happened. We were wondering how we would react to such a horrifying moment. We are only in fifth grade, and we thought that we could not help when it comes to this topic. He taught us how to perform CPR.

David taught us that the most important person in the process is you. You don't want to get sick. Always use something that will protect your face from theirs. Also, if you can, use gloves to protect your hands.

To make sure you are not giving CPR to someone who is just sleeping, always check the person's pulse for 10 seconds. During those 10 seconds, also look to see if the person is breathing. If you can't find a pulse and you don't see the person breathing, then you should start performing CPR. The first step is to do 30 compressions, which is pushing down on the sternum bone. Then, breathe into the person's mouth twice. You repeat that pattern until help arrives. You are putting oxygen into the person's body, which makes it possible for the person to breathe.

It is very important to know CPR. It's a serious topic and should be taken very seriously.

To take a CPR course you could go to the Red Cross, or go to someone like David and he could come to your house and teach you. You also could have him come to your school.

If you want to learn -- and you should -- there are classes all the time. Check online at

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