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'Crab Stack' review: Great strategy game

Crab Stack (Blue Orange Games) is a fun, colorful, cool game. There is a maximum of two to four players. This fun game is a strategy game and the object is to trap your opponents by landing on top of them or washing them away by using the wave rule. The last player still able to move at least one of his crabs wins the game.

In Crab Stack there's a one-star crab. One-star crabs can stack on one-star, two-star, and three-star crabs. Two-star crabs can stack on two-star and three-star crabs. Three-star crabs can only stack on three-star crabs.

To "stack" a crab, you land on it and it's trapped under the crab until the crab on top moves. For the wave rule, crabs must remain connected. We liked the game but it was confusing at first, so read the directions carefully. We would recommend this game because it's fun to come up with strategies to save your crabs. Also we like that you can win when just a turn ago you were losing.

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