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Crayfish are cool

Have you ever had a crayfish? I have one at home, and it's pretty cool. His name is Big Claws because he has big claws. He likes to raise his pincers at me. I got him from my school unit, where we learned all about them. In the unit, we tested the crayfish's senses.

We discovered that one of the most important senses of a crayfish is its sense of touch. They also have senses like seeing and tasting. We also learned crayfish are scavengers. In class, we brought back tiny pieces of our lunch to test what they eat. We found out crayfish mostly eat soft foods like bread, turkey, bologna and ham.

Crayfish usually can be found in marshy ponds. Crayfish like to have hiding spots and places where they can hang out. Crayfish make great pets. They are quiet and pretty self-sufficient. You may think crayfish are boring, but they're pretty cool.

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