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Create your own rock centerpiece

Kidsday reporter Georgia Apazidis displays her rock decoration.

Kidsday reporter Georgia Apazidis displays her rock decoration. Credit: Georgia Apazidis

Are you bored with the end of summer and feel like you have nothing to do? Here is a fun craft that is easy and entertaining. If you live near a beach, then this is the perfect craft to do. This do-it-yourself project is called a Shellerpiece. If you don’t live by a beach, then you can buy some cheap shells at a local craft store. Collect a bunch of different types of sea shells of varying sizes and colors. Then think about a movie character, something you like, such as an animal, or maybe even someone you know. Try to recreate their image out of the sea shells. For the body you can use long shells, short shells, thin shells, or thick shells depending on the body. If your character has brown hair, then use a brown or darker colored shell. If your character has curly hair, then you can add lots of tiny shells. If this is too hard or not working, you can grab a rock from outside add feathers, googly eyes, and fun decorations to make your masterpiece.

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