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Helping my dad coach cross country

Kidsday reporter Charlotte Webster, of Centre Avenue School,

Kidsday reporter Charlotte Webster, of Centre Avenue School, East Rockaway, helps her father, Chris Webster, cross country coach at South Side High School in Rockville Centre. Credit: Webster family

My father is a cross country coach for South Side High School in Rockville Centre. Over the summer, sometimes I will wake up early, and he will take me to his practice at the local park. I like to go to the practices because I enjoy talking to the kids, but mostly helping my dad taking attendance and writing down times.

My dad gives me responsibilities at practice. One of the main responsibilities is taking attendance. He has a special clipboard with everyone’s name on it, and the date next to it. There are little boxes for me to put in a check for everyone who is present. The way we take attendance is my dad calls out their names, and if they say “here,” I check off their name.

Another way I help my dad is to track times. Every time someone crosses the finish line, I’ll check the stopwatch and record the time. Dad will call out the person’s name, so I know the correct person to copy down their time. This helps the athletes run faster.

All of the boys and girls on the team know me and call me their mascot. My dad says that I’m a good-luck charm because for the last two years in a row, his girls’ team made it to the state championships, and I got to go with them to support the team.

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