Every fall, Cub Scout Pack 354 goes to the Greenway Hiking Trail in Port Jefferson Station to clean up the drains and the gutters. We usually take away lots of leaves and trash. The trail is a hilly three miles long where people go to jog, hike, ride bikes, and enjoy nature. Sometimes we see deer, blue jays, cardinals, and lots of other animals.

There are about 15 to 20 Scouts ages 7-10 who come each time to help clean the trail.

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We usually clean along the trail with rakes and leaf blowers, and we fill up a big bag with trash that people leave on the trail. We always have a good time because it’s fun to be with friends, and we get to see how beautiful it is outside. Our time cleaning up our community goes toward our service pin.

At the end we take a group picture, and then head home to relax after a busy cleanup.