Good Morning
Good Morning

Cub Scouts have a lot of fun

Do you strive for fun and adventure? You should join the Cub Scouts. We are in the Glen Cove Pack 6 Cub Scouts, and it's fun. We go on trips, hike and camp in the woods. We have been to New Jersey and slept on a battleship. It was really cool and we slept in the hammocks where the sailors usually sleep. We have done a lot of outdoor camping and slept in tents that we had to set up ourselves. We learned to build fires and about fire safety, too.

The meetings are usually every week and we get together and learn about the environment, science, fitness and the community. The meetings aren't just all work, though; at the end, our pack leader lets us play games. We have fundraisers to help raise money for our adventures and also give money back to the community. Our biggest fundraiser is selling popcorn, and we go around to different businesses and stay there for a few hours and sell to people who are going in and out of stores. If you want to do a lot of outdoor things and make new friends, join the Cub Scouts.

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