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Good Morning

Cub Scouts is our great adventure

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Olivia Osbourne, Wheatley Heights

Do you like going on adventures? If you do, then being in the Cub Scouts might be the right thing for you. There are many dens, like lion, tiger, wolf, bear and Webelos. All of these dens are ways to grow in the Scouts and be with friends around your age and similar interests.

We do fun activities and fundraisers. Pinewood derby is a fun activity — you get to make cool cars and race each other. We do homemade boat racing, and we sell popcorn to raise funds. All these things are so cool, fun and exciting to do.

Another cool thing is camping and all the fun activities in camping like archery, hatchet throwing, obstacle courses and broomball. Broomball is like soccer, but you use a broom to push the ball in the goal. In the summer you get to swim in a little space that is safe for kids at the lake. We also get to walk around the lake. What a beautiful sight! You can ride on a hayride, too.

Sometimes on cold, rainy days you get to have hot lemonade. We know it sounds gross, but it’s very good. One other thing is Blue and Gold events, and there you get to play games that the DJ set up for us and have fun with the den leaders.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Cub Scouts, and you should think about joining.

Michele Lambraia and Dara Perlow’s fourth-grade class, George Washington Elementary School, West Hempstead

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