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Customize your shoes with Nikeid

Ever want to express yourself through your shoes? Nike offers a program called NIKEid that allows you to customize the shoes you buy. Whatever sport you're into you can customize shoes as individual as you are. Basketball person? One of Nike's most popular shoes are basketball shoes. Personalize some of the trendiest sneakers around like Jordans, LeBrons, Kobes and more. Soccer is also a huge sport and Nike has plenty of soccer shoes to customize. Build some of the most talked about shoes to your liking like Magistas and Mercurials. Nike also offers football, skateboarding and just casual shoes.

There are tons of colors you can mix and match on every shoe. Color your shoes to support your school, favorite sports teams, or whatever you think looks good.

You can have fun just creating design after design. It's possible to order your shoes as soon as you're done making them for just a little more than a non-custom price. The real fun is opening the box and wearing the creation you made knowing it's one of a kind. Go to and search nikeid.

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