Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Cutting out screen time for a week no small feat

My parents are always complaining I spend too much time on the computer and iPad and watching TV.

This challenge involved not going on any screens -- no iPad, TV, computer, phone or iPod for as long as possible. I asked some friends to do the challenge with me, but they were all out on the first couple of days. I lasted for an entire week.

The first day was the hardest because I was not used to going without screens for this long. I had to stop myself from looking at what my friend was doing on his iPod.

My brothers kept annoying me by asking if I wanted to see what they were doing on their iPhones and iPods.

After the first day, it got easier as time went on because I found things to do, such as soccer, baseball, basketball and just reading. I read two interesting books this week. The toughest part was when all my friends were on their screens. I had to go home.

I learned from this challenge that screens are not the most important thing, and I can find different things to do.

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