Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Cutting the line at amusement parks

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Claire Sullivan, Medford

Do you think that the bracelets that you need to pay extra for at theme parks are fair? Is it fair for you to pay extra just to cut the line at theme parks? No! People will be waiting between 15 minutes to 1 hour then they will see others walk all the way to the top. In your mind you’re thinking you will have to wait another minute standing, most likely, in the hot summer weather.

I understand that some people might think these are a lifesaver and time saver and that’s OK, but most of the time it might be simpler just to have one line so you will think you’re going to be next very soon.

If you want to pay extra it could be an additional $30 per person, so you pay, let’s say $45, for the entry and then another $30 dollars — that’s $75 for just for one person.

So now ask yourself is it really worth it. If fewer people get the pass it is likely they will stop using them at theme parks. So if you agree to this you have just made it possible to go to the theme park and at the end of the day get some ice cream to finish this amazing day.

I love the fact that they are trying to make the lines seem like they will go faster and it can be really convenient for the people who want to go to each ride in one day, but they can at least try to find another way to make it more fair without the extra cost. They could try to add more tubes, tunnels, carts, and boats so more get people on at one time and this goes for water rides, roller coasters, or just anything that is considered a ride, at theme parks.

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