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When your dad is also your coach

Kidsday reporter Michael Standel and his dad and

Kidsday reporter Michael Standel and his dad and coach, Scott. Credit: Standel family

It was the last game of the season with 11 seconds left. It was a tie game, and my dad was screaming from the sideline “Run, run, RUN!”

My teammate saw me wide open with 1 second left. I shot . . . buzz . . . splash. My dad was so happy! Why? Because he’s my coach!

My dad is my basketball and flag football coach. He also gives me advice on the field like not to let a bad play ruin the game. He also cheers me on from the sideline, screaming, “Nice job” and “Keep it going.”

But there is a another side, like if I get mad, he yells at me to shake it off. Also, if we lose and it was a bad game, he will not get it off his head for an hour. Also, he embarrasses me sometimes — for example, saying silly things like: “Mama’s got a brand-new pair of shoes.” Sometimes he does a little dance, too. Dad! Save that for home, not in front of my friends!

But I would not have it any other way. I am so glad my dad takes the time to be my coach. It’s awesome to have a loved one as your coach. He sees your key plays, cheers you on and gives advice.

Barbara Wright’s fifth-grade class, Birchwood Intermediate School, Huntington Station

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