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Kidsday review: ‘Daddy’s Home 2’

The characters of

The characters of "Daddy's Home 2" share an eventful Christmas. Credit: Paramount Pictures / Claire Folger

We went to an advance screening of the new movie “Daddy’s Home 2,” starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. We all agree that it was one of the funniest movies we’ve ever seen. Will Ferrell plays Brad, the stepdad to two kids. In the beginning, he got along well with the real dad, Dusty, played by Mark Wahlberg, until the grandfathers, Grandpa Kurt (Mel Gibson) and Brad’s dad or Mr. Whitaker (John Lithgow) showed up to celebrate a “together Christmas.” That’s when everything went downhill.

There were many funny scenes. One of our favorite scenes was when the actors were dressed as characters from the Nativity scene. It was funny because in a scene that is supposed to be so solemn, everyone was fighting in a silly way. It seemed as if it was going to be a peaceful moment, but they ended up hitting each other with the props from the Nativity scene.

We also enjoyed the snowball scene. Brad kept pretending that he was going to throw a snowball. When he finally threw it, it hit his dad, Mr. Whitaker, even though he meant to hit Dusty. Then, whenever anyone threw a snowball, it hit Mr. Whitaker. We thought it was funny because he kept falling in the snow.

There were a few surprising parts too. In one scene, a character showed kindness when we expected her to be mean. There was also a surprise appearance by John Cena.

We liked this movie better than the first “Daddy’s Home.” We noticed that all of the negative things that happened to Brad in the first movie were happening to his dad in this movie. It was as if he inherited his son’s bad fortune. We also liked that there were more characters in this movie. This made the movie more enjoyable and provided more action and emotion.

In addition, we were able to relate to some of the characters. Adrianna, Dusty’s stepdaughter (Didi Costine), reminded us of middle-schoolers and teenagers who are always on the phone. Megan, Dusty’s real daughter, played by Scarlett Estevez, wanted to be just like Adrianna. It reminded us of students who tend to be followers instead of leaders. Many kids that have stepparents will also relate to the different relationships that are in this movie. Brad and Dusty both show that being a stepdad is fun.

We think preteens, teenagers and adults would like this movie. It’s a very enjoyable movie!

Rating: 4.5 smiles out of 5

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