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Dance is a sport

Guess what? Dance is a sport! Dancers work just as hard as athletes in any traditional sport out there. You might be thinking: No way! They are just a bunch of pretty ballerinas. Well, they're not! If you're a competitive dancer, you can do push-ups and crunches by the hundreds. Dancers do planks and work out as hard as any athlete. There's even boot camp.


In my dance studio, A Step Above Performing Arts in Massapequa Park, I do take boot camp. My teacher makes us sweat. We only do it to become better, stronger dancers. Did you know that when you do a pirouette, you have to use your core, which is your abs? It takes a lot of work to do six or more. And it takes a lot of work to be a dancer.

A lot of dancers practice five days a week. We'll practice until our heads are spinning and our calves are burning. We also practice and dance and compete all year round. We're not seasonal.

A dancer is strong, athletic and graceful, and brings emotion to a room. A dancer is also brave and never gives up.

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