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We honor our family on the Day of the Dead

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Olivia Osbourne, Wheatley Heights

Have you ever heard the colorful day called Day of the Dead? Day of the Dead can be special to many people from different places like the Philippines, South America, Central America and Mexico.

On this holiday, many children don’t go to school so they can be with their families. We celebrate this because it’s the only day to be with our past ancestors. They say that angels open the gate of heaven and the spirits come down and join the living.

This is the way my family celebrates Day of the Dead. First, we make the altars for my ancestors. Then, we stay at my house and wait for my cousins to get to the house. We have a feast while watching a movie or playing outside. Our families sometimes dress up as skeletons because that’s the tradition.

I enjoy the Day of the Dead. I spend time with my family members. We dress up and praise our ancestors. The celebrations this year begin Oct. 31 and end Nov. 2.

Barbara Wright’s fifth-grade class, Birchwood Intermediate School, Huntington Station

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