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We were getting in tune with DCappella

DCapppella singers, back row from left, Morgan Keene,

DCapppella singers, back row from left, Morgan Keene, RJ Woessner, Shelley Regner, Sojourner Brown, Joe Santoni, Orlando Dixon, and Antonio Fernandez with Kidsday reporters, front row, Tia Odigie, Laura DeGennaro, Anabelle Skillman and Madison Campo, at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

On Saturday, Feb. 23, we were able to experience something awesome. We had the opportunity to interview a great singing group, DCappella, and then see them in concert.

Both the interview and concert were held at the  NYCB Theatre at Westbury. This is a great place to see the show because of its round stage. The stage gives everyone the chance to see the singers perform.

We had a great experience interviewing this group. DCappella is from Disney Music Group and they sing a cappella. It is just the best! There are seven members in the group: Antonio Fernandez, Joe Santoni, Morgan Keene, Orlando Dixon, RJ Woessner, Shelley Regner and Sojourner Brown. Each member has a special singing part. 

It was so exciting as we prepared to meet DCappella. Joe came out to greet us as we waited for the other singers to come out. They were practicing for the nighttime show. All of a sudden, the group came out. We sat in a circle and the interview began. The group was very sweet and kind to us.                                      

Our favorite part of the interview was when we asked, “If you had a singing superpower what would it be and why?" Orlando said if he had a singing superpower it would be to have everybody do what he sang for them to do, like dance and shout. We also liked that RJ would use his singing ability to heal people. Shelley said if she had a singing superpower it would be to have confetti shoot from the sky when she sings to make it look pretty. Antonio said he would use his beatbox power to get everyone dancing. He definitely did this at the concert. Everyone at the end of the show was on their feet dancing and clapping. He definitely has this superpower already!

While we were watching the show, we were amazed at how they transformed into the Disney characters through their songs. If we closed our eyes we would have thought that Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” was right on stage. All the members balance each other out so naturally and their voices blend together to make amazing music.

DCappella sang the theme song to “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and “Glory Days” from “Incredibles 2.” We liked that they started a lot of the songs with background information to help the crowd make a connection to their music. We were impressed when they sang “Be Our Guest” in 12 different languages. Even though we didn’t understand all the languages, it was interesting to hear. We like when Antonio had the crowd beatboxing. He had each section of the theater make different sounds and then had us put them all together. It was a lot of fun. 

We also learned a new term, foley, which is the sounds made in a film. DCappella did an amazing job teaching us about this through the rendition of “Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,” which they called the Silly Symphony of the Three Little Pigs. They had film rolling on a screen and were making all the foleys of the film. If you just watched the screen you would not even know that DCappella was performing on stage because they matched up the sounds and voices perfectly.

We also asked, "Who inspired you to sing and why?" We liked that everyone said their moms but Morgan’s answer stood out to us because she said her mom not only supported her but also pushed her forward so that she could be where she is today. 

Another question we asked was, "Is there any special training you need to become an a cappella singer?" They all agreed that you should take private voice lessons. We also asked, "Do you find it easier to perform solo or with your group?" Two members like singing solo and the other five members like singing with a group better. The funniest answer came from Orlando when we asked if they'd ever messed up on stage in front of an audience and what they did to cover it up. Orlando said that one time RJ lost his shoe while performing, so he took off his own shoe to match him. 

Every part of the concert and day was magical. Everyone in the group is so talented and has a passion for what they do. Our time with DCappella was astonishing. We learned so much from this experience and interview with them. This was the best time of our lives, and we wish that we could do it all over again.

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