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How we become gentlemen at The De La Salle School in Freeport

Kidsday reporters and De La Salle gentlemen Jose

Kidsday reporters and De La Salle gentlemen Jose Munguia, left, Brian Hernandez and Humberto Guevara at their Freeport school. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

At our school, students are taught to be a De La Salle gentleman and to show others respect. We are taught to be leaders of our school and community. Every school day the students say our affirmations to remind ourselves of our goal.

Our affirmation: “I am a De La Salle gentleman. I treat myself and others with respect. I carry out my responsibilities to the best of my abilities each day. I am a leader by choosing to do the right thing even when it means I’m standing alone. I give back to those who are less fortunate than myself. I dream big. I work hard to achieve my dreams. I am a De La Salle gentleman.”

This school is really helpful because when you grow up you are going to be very respectful and responsible. So when you apply for a part-time job, you can easily get that job. The school has only 70 students, and is sponsored by fundraisers and benefactors.

The school asks the students to pay $1.50 to $3 every Wednesday to get pizza from a pizzeria near the school. Some Fridays we have rewards club. In rewards club, the students get to pick an activity to do for at least an hour.

Other days we do other activities. Once a month we have career day. There is the gym, going outside, art, computers and board games. When we finish all our classes in the morning on Friday, we go to church. Some of us are very competitive at sports. We also have tutors who come in and help us if we are struggling with our schoolwork.

This school can change your life. Everyone works hard here, and we think that anyone can achieve their dreams with faith and with God. This is The De La Salle School — The School of Hope. It is also the school where boys become gentlemen.

Christina Buttigieg’s sixth-grade class, The De La Salle School, Freeport

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