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Dear Kidsday: Write it down to remember

DEAR KIDSDAY: I am a 9-year-old girl. I am always forgetting my homework when I come home from school. I always get really upset when I forget. What can I do to help me remember?

-- Forgetful

DEAR FORGETFUL: It is a new year and time to make a fresh start. Many kids on this panel agreed the best thing to do is to write it down. Get a planner, get a notebook, get something to write it down. Some kids thought if you had an iPhone you could leave a note for yourself that way, too. If you forget something -- and everyone does from time to time -- don't get upset, phone a friend. Give yourself time to pack your schoolbag at the end of the day so you are not rushing when making sure you have what you need.

DEAR KIDSDAY: My best friend is moving and I don't know what to do. Her last day is coming soon and I am going to miss her so much.

-- Sad Girl

DEAR SAD GIRL: You can't get her to stay so you have to make sure that she is able to stay in touch with you. Make sure you get her new address and find out if she is able to do FaceTime or Skype with you. Kids always video chat. Not every kid likes to write letters, but everyone likes to get mail so maybe you can get into the habit of writing her letters and then send her pictures. What about planning for the summer and going to the same camp or the two families getting together during your spring break or summer?

DEAR KIDSDAY: I am 10 and I do a lot of sports. I do not know how I am supposed to do all of my projects. How do I do my work and sports and not get a bad grade?

-- Sports kid

DEAR SPORTS KID: You definitely need to do at least two things: get a schedule and find something besides school and sports to give up. Do you watch a lot of TV? It has to go! Do you have a lot of play dates? Gone! School comes first so make sure you get good grades. If there are kids on your team who are in your class, maybe you can study together. A lot of kids think you may have to make some tough choices about sports if you fall behind in school.

DEAR KIDSDAY: I am a 9-year-old girl and I have a major problem. My grandfather died a few weeks ago and I cannot get over it. I am so sad.

-- Miss him

DEAR MISS HIM: We don't know how long it will take to get over it and you may not. We are so sorry for you, but we think you have to remember all the good memories you had with him. One kid said you should keep a journal and fill it with pictures of you and your grandfather. Make sure you talk with other relatives who have lost their grandfather as well. They also might contribute to your journal. We are sure they feel the same as you. If he passed away from a certain illness maybe you can help support it in his memory.

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