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How to decorate your notebooks for school

Kidsday reporter Jonna Indursky and her squishy notebook

Kidsday reporter Jonna Indursky and her squishy notebook decoration. Credit: Donna Haakonson

School is just around the corner, and I think you should have your own personalized look, from what you wear to your notebooks! I like decorating mine, and here is an easy way for you to do it, too. This is to make a squishy notebook cover.

Everything you will need: Notebook, liquid soap, glitter (optional), baking paper, Mod Podge craft glue, felt, hot-glue gun, hair iron, plastic sheets (I used vinyl). Get an adult to help with the hot glue and hair iron.

1. Draw a circle on the baking paper the size you would like the pouch to be. Cut it out and place it between two sheets of vinyl.

2. Cut the vinyl about a half-inch around the circle.

3. Use the hair iron to fuse together the edges of the vinyl while the paper circle is still there, leaving about an inch open. Take out the paper.

4. Fill the pouch about halfway with liquid soap, and add glitter if you want.

5. Use the hair iron to close the vinyl completely.

6. Grab your notebook and hot-glue the pouch to the notebook.

7. Cut a circle out of felt that can be an outline for your pouch. Glue the felt around the pouch.

8. If you have extra glitter, put some Mod Podge on the felt. Put the glitter on the felt and add another layer of Mod Podge.

Carol Chisan and Donna Haakonson’s fourth-grade class, William Floyd Elementary School, Shirley

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